When is the best time to water the plants in my landscape beds?

Early mornings is the best time to water landscape beds because it is the coolest part of the day. Also, late evenings are another good time because it allows the water to soak into the ground and not evaporate in the sun. If you water your plants during the day when the sun is the strongest, the water droplets can actually act as magnifying glasses and burn the plants.

What is the best practice for maintaining freshly installed sod?

It is best to water sod for 45 minutes after install to allow both lawn and soil to gather moisture to help with the rooting process. The day after and every day for 2 weeks, you should water your fresh sod for 15-20 minutes every morning between 6am-8am and every evening around 8pm-9pm. After 2 weeks you should be able to stop watering unless your area is in a current drought.

When should I water my freshly planted trees, shrubs, and flowers?

Freshly planted trees, shrubs, and flowers require more frequent watering than established trees and shrubs. They should be watered at the time of planting and then daily for 1–2 weeks after being planted. For 3–12 weeks after planting, they should be watered every 2 to 3 days.

What is the proper height to cut my grass?

We recommend during the spring through the summer months 3.25”-4” depending on grass type and thickness. During the fall months into the winter we recommend 2”-3” again depending on the grass type and thickness. This is because in the spring and summer months we get more light and want to protect the base and roots of the grass, and in the fall to winter months, with the sun being less concentrated, we want to allow more sunlight to get to the base and roots of the grass.

How much mulch is too much?

For a brand new mulch install with never before having mulch we recommend a 3” layer. This is to establish a good base layer to help hold in moisture. Once a mulch bed is already established, we recommend only adding a top dressing every year of ½”-1” and replace as bottom layers of mulch begin composting.

When is the best time to trim my bushes?

It is best to trim your bushes after the new growth has hardened off. This is because at this point it is less damaging to the bush. This typically happens in early spring and late fall. Though there are some plants that require special consideration.

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