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Owners David Starkey and Tim Schnitker II have always had a passion for honeybees. David being a hobbyist beekeeper and Tim having a passion already for the outdoors, life, and creation. Together through 2020 and 2021 they have been working out how they might be able to integrate Bee’s into a business model of more than just keeping Bee’s. Finally, after planning they bring to you "SSWARM". Intentionally spelled with two Ss in symbolism of Starkey & Schnitker, their last names. They decided that this business one day could become a stand-alone business of its own. So, putting in the work of for site, they already came up with a Logo, mission, and much more. The logo resembles the name to be "Swarm" which was intentional, but if you look close at is the S resembles a double overlapped two Ss. This was done to create the understanding that its pronounced just the same. We thought it was a very unique play on the words. We hope you do to.

So, what is SSWARM, and what services are offered?

SSWARM is a business all about Bee’s. From keeping them, to caring for them, helping to rehome them, and understanding that without these amazing pollinators, life simply could not exist.

Our mission is to honor God and His creation by using our talents the best way we know how. By the sales and services of our company we hope to be able to not only promote and care for honeybees, but also educate others about them.

Our products and services are broken down into 3 categories:

  • Products
    • Local, Raw, Unpasteurized, unprocessed, filtered Honey
    • Local, 100% Pure, Unpasteurized, unprocessed, unfiltered Honey w/ Comb
    • Naturally flavored, Naturally Dyed, Local, Raw, Unpasteurized, Filtered Honey Straws.
    • Bees Wax by the pound
    • Bees Wax Candles Unscented and Scented
  • Bee Removal
    • No, we are not a pest control company. We will not come out and remove your hornets, wasps, mud daubers, or other pest. Be we will come out and remove Honeybees in a safe manner which will allow the bees to continue living. We will not in any circumstance come out to kill Honeybees.
      • Any simple bee removal of swarms or already exposed hives that do not require further demolition, material removal, or reconstruction after the removal we will do for free.
      • If a removal requires removal of material, such as cutting of trees, removal of walls, gutters, facia, siding etc., We will have to give an estimate, or require a waiver of release.
  • Bee Leasing
    • Yes, that’s right, we lease our beehives. Think about it, plants need pollinators to grow and populate. For example, Zucchini plants have male and female flowers. Their pollen is sticky and cannot travel by wind as some pollens can. For a flower to produce a Zucchini, it must be cross pollinated, this is either done naturally by pollinators such as bees or mechanically done by hand. So, you either take the risk and hope you have a good population nearby of bees or pay extra labor to pollinate by hand. The cost of Pollination by hand is usually great. Labor is not cheap. Instead, farms can lease beehives form us. We will come out, put the hive or hives on location and leave them there for the pollination season. Coming out every so often to check on the hives to ensure the health of the bees. This can not only save farms money, but it provides food to the bees, and increase the speed of pollination and the crop output by three times or more. You see, not only does a crop need to be pollinated to produce but the more times a bee visit and pollinates the better quality so by having hives on site you ensure not only that your plants are pollinated but pollinated many times ensure a fuller stronger produce.
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